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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Stories That Are Interesting to Me.

You think judges don't matter? Somehow, this guy in Indianapolis got to be a judge. My brother-in-law and his family are moving to that yellow and flat city this summer, and they should be put on alert that the judges of Indianapolis aren't going to stand for parents teaching their children in the religion of their choice. I really urge you to read the linked-to article, because at times when I was reading it I felt like I was reading something out of the Onion (especially when the Wiccan father described the holidays the son was missing out on, such as Pagan Pride Day and "Ostara"). Go read the article. I'll be here when you get back. If you get a registration screen, try username: cjh034 and password: 11211970. Password courtesy of

Judges are completely out of control. Is there something in the constitution that allows them to micromanage everyone's lives? I don't remember reading that in there. This is so obviously wrong, I won't belabor the point. All I want to say is the Bonhoefferian "First they told the pagans they couldn't teach their children, and I stood idly by. Then went the Unitarians, the Mormons, the Jehovah's Witnesses, the NORML weed-worshippers, and those people with the tattoos, and I stood idly by. Am I going to stand idly by as they take my rights away, too? Huh? Answer me!"

The answer is no. Now, when pagans and other anti-Christian zealots get mad about this story and ask where all the Christian outrage is over the scaling back of religious freedoms for non-mainstream religions, you can point them to This ruling is bad and must be overturned -- this was in divorce court? It is unthinkable that a judge could tell parents they couldn't raise their kids in whichever religion they choose. It's not like Wicca is illegal or deadly.

However, I do believe that all this exposure Wicca is harming the child mentally (and possibly physically, if he goes to school spouting off that quasi-religious nature-worshipping nothing-speak Wiccans are famous for), and that these people are going to totally ruin the child. That doesn't mean their rights should be taken away. Again, if these people don't get constitutional freedoms, then we all are susceptible to judicial insanity. The judges must be stopped!

Every quote from the father made me snicker. "There's a male and female force to everything," says the man in generic pagan-speak. What does that mean? Obviously, this man hasn't seen Oprah. That force is 100% female, and it is bad a__.

Headline of the day: (from Hecklerspray):

Christian Slater Arrested For Groping Someone’s Buttocks.

If I would have known you could be arrested for that, I would have done high school a little differently.

Here's what I don't get: If France already rejected the European constitution, and all 25 member states have to vote it in, why are the Dutch voting today? And if it doesn't matter, why do I consider it news? (note: the Dutch are expected to follow the French and reject the constitution. Does anyone really think this unified europe thing isn't going to get pushed through somehow? Number of the beast, people. Just kidding. Sorta.)

I have to do the unmentionable job today at work, which I don't want to talk about, because its unmentionable. I had planned on posting another thing, but I doubt I will have time or be in the proper state of mind to compose meaningful words on any subject when I'm done. But maybe a customer will make me mad enough to rant. You never know.

Oh, yeah, and "Deep Throat" revealed himself, and Charles Colson is witnessing to the love of Jesus by ripping him for helping bring down a corrupt administration. Avoid the appearance of evil, Chuck. Just a suggestion. The debate he brings up is being a covert whistleblower vs. being a protocol-following whistleblower, and how you come down in that debate depands on whether or not you're the one whose bad deeds are being exposed. Take heed, those who do evil. Your comeuppance is always just around the corner.


  • At 10:14 AM, Blogger jill said…

    hire a fact-checker. that wasn't bonhoeffer that said that. i'll let you know who it was at home. but it wasn't that guy. it was a lutheran pastor in germany, though.

  • At 11:07 AM, Blogger Mike Pape said…

    I think we could generally refer to a Lutheran Pastor in Germany as a "Bonhoeffer" these days. At least we should, starting right now. And even though Bonhoeffer didn't say that, you could tell he was thinking it.

    I hired an editor, but she only visits the blog long enough to rip me after I make up a perfectly fine (though apparently inaccurate) word.

  • At 1:28 PM, Blogger jill said…

    i think his name was neimoller or something. and probably an ooooomlooouuuuut.

  • At 10:58 PM, Blogger Danny said…

    you two remind me of those guys in college that used to sit three feet apart while talking on AOL. Jill, have you ever ordered a pizza whilst Mike was working so that he could come home for a bit like in "Do the Right Thing"? Just curious.

  • At 11:20 PM, Blogger Danny said…

    Oh yeah, I also wanted to share one of my favorite Ostara-Day recipes: Fairy Pepper Ostara-Day Omelet con Peppar de jack

    6 eggs
    1 eye of newt
    2 red peppers (preferably from a patch of dirt that is only 3/4 covered with grass; so this is obviously the resting place of fairies and goblins)
    1/2 Cup nudity (aesthetic reasons)
    1 Cup Pepper-Jack cheese

    How to Cook:
    Beat eggs with stick from weeping willow tree, for mother goddess earth cries out when we kill what could have been the chicken to save humanity (Rule #1 for Wiccans: you never know what you might end up worshipping).
    Add nummy cheese and nudity, or just rub cheese on nudity and add as desired (which may be minimal after seeing the picture of the guy).
    Break up fairy pepper with hands and possibly feet, but only after walking on clay soil found in the dimmest of moon light on the 42nd day of the tri-lunar cycle, add with other crap.
    Toss in Newt.
    Mix with care and thoughtless, er empty, er harmless chants.
    Pour out into shallow, lonely pan and hold with female partner and allow force to freely pass threw thus cooking the delicious omelets.
    Afterwards brush teeth with the yellowiest of yellow dandelions and fig your feet into wet soil, thus searching for the evening’s deity. Bon Appetite!


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