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Saturday, October 23, 2004

The Wedding I Went To Last Weekend

One week ago I flew up to Wisconsin for a wedding. It wasn't just any wedding, however -- this was the one with the Groom wearing a kilt. And a sword on his back. And a big knife.

The fact that the Bride allowed this is a good sign, I believe, regarding their chances of staying married. Marriage is all about 2 things -- compromises and not pissing each other off. I guess that's really just one thing. The same thing. Tolerance is not necessarily something I value a whole lot in life...but in marriage there is no substitute for it. Obviously tolerance works better if the 2 people in question have a lot in common. There's less that you have to tolerate in that situation, and more you enjoy. Clearly, men should marry someone like their mom, because any variations on that momular model exhibited by the mate will be perceived automatically as faults to be tolerated. Unless you view your mother as a terrible witch, you should find her younger duplicate and buy an appropriate ring for her. But we're not here to talk about this, we're here to discuss my trip.

It's cold in Milwaukee, like 45 degrees and death windy -- the kind of wind that turns 45 into like, 25 or less. And I came from Dallas, takeoff temperature 80 and balmy. Even though I lived in Wisconsin for 29 years, it still was shocking. The wedding was in the Irish Cultural Center because the Bride and Groom share a love of Ireland. It wasn't as weird as you may have imagined, even with the kilt and the attractive female Minister (ordained 10 days previously over the internet) and the lack of a Mother of the Bride and the 20 minutes-short service including pro- and re- cessionals. The place looked like a church, with a huge pipe organ and uncomfortable pews. It was really, really good.

The reception was held at Paddy's Irish Pub (again with the Irish). It was also nice, and larger on the inside than it is on the outside, like the TARDIS. Got to see people that I wish I would see more, and got to watch Wisconsin beat those jerks from Purdue on a projection TV with a yellow spot on it about a foot in diameter. But you don't care about this either. One last thing before I hang up -- Guinness is sweet! I don't really like beer, but I love Guinness on tap. It's smooooth. Who says dark beer is sketchy?


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