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Monday, October 25, 2004

Problems at Mike's Church

Church voter's meetings are always a frustrating mess of people arguing past each other, but I went to one yesterday that made me very sad. I won't tell you what it was about, because that's not important. And that's not really what made me sad. What made me sad was sitting in the back, right in front of the "Transition Pastor" and the Church Organist, and listening to their snide comments during the whole thing. It was ridiculous, these 2 middle-aged men acting like they were better than everyone else there. And the points they were saying too softly for the group but loud enough for my wife and I to hear were stupid. Again, I won't be specific, but let's just call the comments Theologically Indifferent. They were personal attacks on the subject of the meeting, personal attacks on those who spoke at the meeting, personal attacks on those voting at the meeting, etc.

Now, you could say that I should have confronted them, and I might at a later time. I'm already kicking myself about not making a point that needed to be made, that I thought of during the meeting and refined last night while delivering pizzas. I'm sure I'll get my opportunity, though.

So, I'm sad about my church. But don't worry, we cannot lose.


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