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Friday, May 06, 2005

I thought of an idea for a children's book tonight while delivering pizzas. It's about this squirrel in a hover-refrigerator (long story) who goes from house to house delivering food and getting stiffed by everyone he visits. Tentative title/catchphrase: "Maybe These People Will Tip Me." Isn't that cute? It'll make millions with the right illustrator.

Seriously -- I got stiffed 5 times out of 15 deliveries tonight, and twice got the "apologetic stiffer" -- you know, the one who apologizes and says, "if I had some singles, I'd give them to you." What do you say to that? Nothing. As the Humongous once said, "Just walk away." That's some good advice there, applicable to a lot of situations.

I also had an idea for a t-shirt. It would say, "I'm Christian, and I'm right, but I'm not the Christian Right." Hey, I would totally buy that.


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