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Monday, May 02, 2005

Potential Blog News


I have signed up for a "training event" through work that will probably give me good material for this blog. It is on May 24, and a bunch of vendors from around the country are going to be lying to me in an organized setting to get me to sell their stuff. There will be prizes. There will be free food. There will be greasy salespeople. I will report on it all, because you people who have nothing whatsoever to do with this have a right to know what goes on at these things. I haven't been to one in at least 2 years. I went to a Microsoft training event right after I got hired here -- that netted me my free copy of Windows XP Pro a month before it came out. I also ended up going to a training event put on by the same company that is doing the one on the 24th, but that was just to get my $100 (they stopped giving the $100 to everyone who shows up, and consequently I haven't been to one since).
Now I have a new reason to go, however -- to tell you about it. This blog has strangely given my life new purpose. Maybe not a noble one, but a purpose nonetheless.

Also, coming very soon: I bet you're wondering what I thought of Hitchhiker's Guide -- I'll tell you...
That picture from the Austin trip...
More news about ghetto apartment complexes in my delivery area...
But for now, let's watch a house burn live.
(cut to house burning)


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