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Monday, October 03, 2005

Loose Ends from Last Week

Yeah, the Alias Season 5 premiere happened last Thursday. What are they doing? (warning: do not read the next sentence if you don't watch Alias. It will just confuse and frustrate you.)
Even if Vaughn is just faking his own death -- making people think he's dead just to have a plot for season 5 is too much. They've gone too far. Zombie Nadia was bad enough (where was she in this episode, btw?), now we have to deal with the killing off of a major character in an insane way. And what was with that guy fooling APO into thinking he's investigating them when he's really a bad guy? Is APO now part of FEMA? So many holes in the plot. Plus, I remain skeptical of Jen Garner's pregnant belly w/r/t the look and feel of the show. Vaughn's dead, Sydney might as well be dead, and they've just recycled the first plot they ever had (Syd has to get revenge for the death of her fiance'). The show is dying a fast death, and needs something to slap it back to the land of the living.

And "Project 5"? I like how every week something huge is mentioned that every character knows about but we as the audience is just learning about now. Plus, it's a stupid name, up there with "The Covenant" and "The Man" in the Pantheon of Stupid Alias Names for Things.

I'm tired of My Super Sweet Sixteen, which is very unfortunate. I still like it, it's just that it's hard to recap the same thing every week (well, not hard exactly -- more like dull). Every one of these kids is a "diva" who "does whatever they want" and "can't be told what to do" and is having the "greatest party ever." Barf. They should stick with 6 episodes a season, because we're up to like 9 this year and a couple of them just didn't need to exist.

The Real World, having lost my attention like it always does because of its drunken tomfoolery, got me back again temporarily because of my penchant for watching human suffering. It's abundantly clear that none of these people (save maybe the short-haired pale girl) will ever be happy or emotionally healthy. They're just lying to each other and when they watch it later I hope that some of them do the right thing and never have anything to do with MTV ever again. But that's probably not going to happen.

Arrested Development was funny again, and featured the welcome return of Dave Thomas to TV. It's about time. Charlize Theron can't do a British accent, though, which is surprising. Unless she's not actually British. Hmm.

The Office is pretty funny these days, too -- Jim's still doing a pretty effective Martin Freeman impression, Pam's showing some life after all, and many of the ancillary characters have been really good. I liked Toby the H.R. guy, and the Indian girl who won the "Spicy Curry" award. Michael Scott will never be David Brent though, and Dwight is sort of boring so far this season. The problem is one of comparision -- this will never be The Office. For every episode, there is a corresponding, and better, episode of the original show. I'm glad they finally brought their Chris Finch on board, though. I was wondering when he was going to show up.

I watch wayyyy to much TV for somebody who's never home.


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