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Monday, November 21, 2005

Bob n' Brian are Finally Streaming.

Only 8 years too late, the legendary Milwaukee morning radio show Bob n' Brian has begun streaming their show over the internet. It seems to have happened largely because the station they broadcast from (102.9 in Milwaukee) changed from their longtime monicker of "Lazer 103" to "102.9 the Hog." If only they would have done this sooner! I got to hear them talk to Steve Czaban today live for the first time in years. In fact, I'm amazed he's on the show since he has a nationally syndicated morning show of his own to do. Anyway, this is important to me alone in the Dallas metroplex, and that's the way I like it -- I am unique and misunderstood. I'm so misunderstood I'm almost misundazstuud or however that chick spells it.

I'll now be able to choose between the Ticket and the Hog every morning, at least until the Man tells me not to stream anymore. He's so unreasonable sometimes.


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