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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Air America Radio

I tried listening to Air America today, but got tired of it after 15 seconds, when I realized it was the same exact thing as generic conservative talk radio, only with certain words and names changed. Plus, it has no humor (even SNL's own Al Frankin, from the 5 minutes total I've listened to him), imagination, or voices that don't make my ears bleed. Seriously, does everyone on that network have throat cancer or something? Do they not hire you unless you show up attached to a portable respirator?

They need to hire some funny people. As always, I'm available and work very cheap, with the added bonus of not sounding like my next breath could be my last. I'm not going to talk about how Karl Rove stole the last election, but I will tell stories off the top of my head, analyze the Magloire/Mason trade, and do segments on My Super Sweet Sixteen and Alias. Oh, and I'll attack Oprah. That should drive ratings.


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