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Monday, August 30, 2004

The Gestapo Got Me

Well, it was bound to happen -- I got caught without my cartopper lit at Papa John's. The Area Manager was out overmanaging and saw me right after the plug became dislodged. Oh, no! What will become of me?

If you're wondering, no, I wasn't fired -- my manager stood up for me, and that whole "you will be fired no questions asked" thing only applies to the bad employees after all. Still, it's ridiculous to be 32 years old and have a surrogate mommy spying on me to make sure I'm following all the rules. Doesn't this dude have any work to do? They pay him an actual salary to do this? Why isn't he fired for this? At times like this we need the Bobs to come in and ask this Lumbergh about how much time he would say he spends on these TPS reports, so to speak. I don't need this constant harassment on a job delivering fricking pizzas. I am a disaffected man. Where's that Howard Dean guy -- I now want to vote for him, and scream along with him.


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