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Monday, September 27, 2004

More TV

More shows I can't believe are still on:

One Tree Hill.
Smallville. That's right, Smallville. How many Superman shows are we going to have before we get another Wonder Woman show? Hmm?
JAG (see previous post).
Yes, Dear. (funniest moment on this show: When the friend got his kid a haircut and it turned out to be a mullet. Little kids with mullets are funny. See note below*)
John Ritter Memorial Show (whatever it's called -- 18 ways blah blah blah).
Will and Grace.
Crossing Jordan.
Third Watch (I'm assuming this is still on).
Law and Order: Criminal Intent (Yes, it has Vincent D'Onofrio, maybe the best actor on TV. The rest of the show is a black hole from which not even good acting can escape).
American Dreams.
Still Standing.
Judging Amy. (Could have sworn this was cancelled)
Every Returning Show on ABC besides Monday Night Football.
North Shore.
7th Heaven.
Gilmore Girls (most exhausting show on TV).
Grounded for Life.
Enterprise. (Are they still making new shows? Oh, wait...I'm thinking of Voyager. Didn't this show already exist? It was called Star Trek.)

I apologize for falling too hard into the whole love/hate relationship with TV.

*On Court TV this week they're doing "COPS in Beantown". It's great -- last night 2 Cops went to a domestic disturbance, and everyone whose head was visible (both cops, the man & woman involved in the disturbance, their 2-year-old child) had a serious mullet. Do all cops in Boston have mullets? The mind boggles.


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