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Thursday, October 07, 2004

All Time Best Movies?

What does it say about me that the 3 movies I'm looking forward to seeing in a theater near me --
I Heart Huckabees, Team America: World Police, and That New Wes Anderson Film, are all comedies? Do I not take life seriously enough? I mean, how do those movies stack up against the uber-serious trio of Friday Night Lights, The Final Cut, and Flight of the Phoenix -- which come out at on the same respective days?

Since re-seeing Mulholland Drive, I've been thinking about what my "Top Whatever Movies of All Time" would be, meaning my favorites, and it's disturbingly filled with plotless joke-fests. I just don't like dramas very much. I feel too manipulated when I'm there, watching these really serious things happen in such a way as to get me to feel a certain thing. It bugs me. In a comedy, the only manipulation going on is to my funny bone. That was a terrible, terrible sentence/joke but I'm keeping it in. Check this out:

(The Beginning of the List of) Top Movies of All Time as Viewed Through a Me-Glass.

Mulholland Drive
The Naked Gun
Office Space

See what I mean? The movies I think of first are a weird movie and 3 comedies.

Reservoir Dogs
The Royal Tennenbaums
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This is more like it. The first two are quirky bloody bloodfests, and the last two are quirky heartfelt comedies. I've become well-rounded.

The Mission
This is Spinal Tap
Lord of the Rings: The Trilogy Special 12-hour Edition
Ghost World

All over the board. Here the dramas come, except for the Tap. The Mission never fails to make me cry when the Priest gets shot at the end and then the Native South American picks up the cross he was's poignant in a world of throwaway stuff.

There are more. I'l have to put it in the headputer and compile an numbered list, so that you all can care less than you even do now.

Hitchhiker's Guide comes out 6 May 2005. I could not be more pumped, even if somebody were coming out with a butchered version of Infinite Jest. Seriously, this may be the seminal moment of my 30's.


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