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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Epth -- The Most...Trusted Name in News?

What I was going to do today was rip apart every single one of new Page 2 columnist "Scoop" Jackson's introductory "beliefs", because I disagree with pretty much all of them. But then I thought, how fair is it for me to logically and systematically tear apart things that he believes because of pure emotion and intuition? I mean, "I believe there should be a women's sports network"? That's like opening a big and tall clothing store for midgets. Me commenting on this would be like crushing a fish that's lying on the street with a steamroller.

So, instead of that plan, I've come up with a plan to become more relevant, at least for today. You know how these so-called "News" blogs are getting all this press for trumping MSM? (MSM blogger for Main Stream Media, because apparently compound words don't exist in the Blogosphere).* I think it's time that I reported the news as it happens, because you demand it. Now, my reader base is such that nobody will read this until probably tonight, but that's ok. This is to branch out into other areas, in yet another attempt to start my plan of world domination. Wait -- did I type that or just think that? Anyway...

France story of the day: Protests erupt as France considers upping its official work week from 35 hours. That's right...if you're in France, you can't work more than 35 hours a week without getting OT pay (and your overtime can't exceed 220 hours/year). Even though this work week situation has counterintuitively caused high unemployment, the French overwhelmingly support the protests.

Also in France, and this is so obscure I couldn't find a link: I was watching French News on the International Channel in bed this morning, and unless the subtitles were lying to me, thousands of high-school students stormed the streets in major cities Tuesday protesting an education bill that would (gasp) require more language classes. That's it, just more language classes. They don't want to learn other languages. Those French will protest anything in the extra time afforded them by their ridiculously short work week. Nobody speaks French, so the bill makes sense to me. The Government leaders are probably scared their French society could lag behind other countries in international commerce.

Also, according to the French News this morning, it appears that there are simply no black people in France. What of Yannick Noah and that one figure skater? Are they the only two?

Tech News: The official Bittorrent client underwent a major revamping, and I can tell you that 4.0 is awesome, but I can't tell you how I know that, for draconian Big Brother reasons.

Sony has unveiled a line of MP3 players that they are hoping will crush the IPOD shuffle. Of special interest is the LED screen built in, which the Shuffle doesn't have. No word on if the Sony models will be comparatively priced. One thing we do know is that the Sony players will not work with ITunes, because nothing in music works with ITunes except stuff starting in "I".

See, wasn't that fun? More news soon on your favorite Wednesday news source (and by calling it your favorite it will automatically become your favorite) -- Epth News.

*This shot doesn't mean to suggest that I'm anti-blog. I just appreciate the better acronyms, like SCUBA.


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