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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Use for all your search needs.

The CEO of shot me an e-mail after he saw my review. He addressed my concerns thusly:
"We have just switched over to our new technology today and it is going to take us a few weeks to get things perfect. Also just an FYI, we search the content of blogs, so a search fpr the word "epth" would not necessarily return your blog unless you had used that particular text in your posts."

So, in closing, if you don't use because you like it, at least use it because its freaking CEO read my blog and actually addressed my concerns. Being a small fish in a big pond, I am wholly unaccustomed to having my concerns addressed, so right now am speechless (typed-word-less(?)). This must be how it feels to be important. can count me as a fan from now on. Yes, I'm just that easy.

side note: If I express displeasure about you or your company/entity in a blog entry, just send me a nice e-mail and I will cave like the French in WW II. Unless you're French, in which case, your mom.


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