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Friday, March 04, 2005

Various Things

I have a bit of time at the end of work today, so I thought I should post.

Clueless Salesman (CS) just walked into my room at work here asking me a stupid question. They say there's no such thing as a stupid question, but what if there's no way the person you're asking will have any idea what the answer is? I think that qualifies as at least ignorant, if not full-on stupid.

You see, there's high-dollar stuff in my "secure" room that the salespeople have to come and sign out if they want to sell. It's a bad system for all involved, but it keeps us from hemorraging money. Certain salespeople who haven't learned better think that since they're in my room, I know everything about them -- price, what programs are in a certain version of office, etc. On purpose I have not learned these things, because I have nothing to do with the product except guarding it, and that's only when I'm in here. Allow me to summarize the conversation I just had:

CS -- (Barging into my room, which he's not supposed to do) Hey, I've got a question. When are you going to get the 64-bit version of Windows?
ME -- I have no idea.
CS -- Don't you have them in here? What, do they just need a warm body?
ME -- (not really believing what I just heard) I don't do anything with them except keep them in here so you won't steal them.
CS -- But what I'm asking is if you're going to get it, I mean, before we get it out on the sales floor.
ME -- (Making things up just to end the conversation at this point) No, I think you guys get it first.
CS -- But I thought the OEM versions might be out before...
ME -- I think the retail versions come out first.
CS -- (half kidding) Think? Don't you know?

So then he leaves, and I know that with his attitude, he is not long for the store. If you can walk into someone else's workspace and tell them what their job is supposed to be when you have no idea what they do, you must be rubbing all sorts of people the wrong way. I remember the last salesperson who smarted off to me. C.S. doesn't because he was fired long before C.S. got here, fired because he was hated by all.

Of course, the underlying issue here is that nobody here really knows what I do. If they did, or at least had a vague understanding of what a service department is, they would not be asking if I am "just a warm body" they hired to guard some software.

The underlying underlying issue is that some people can't see beyond their own world even for a second.


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