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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Just Over One Year Ago...

A man threw his girlfriend off one of the Dallas Area's many highway "fly-overs", which are highway interchanges that go way up into the air. I remember the day it happened -- there was a huge buzz around here about it. Everyone thought it was crazy. Here's the story behind it.

(Yes, I know that's 3 posts in one morning, but I have a lot of pent-up posting to do. Besides, you know you love it.)


  • At 7:18 PM, Blogger Danny said…

    Random notes from todays readings:
    *Would you be really angry if Sydney (J. Garner's character...I believe) on Alias ever became evil (because earlier you mentioned that she was the only one that you could depend on). Would you be disapointed?
    *I don't think that I have ever thought so much about the Matrix before today...seriously though, did you take notes while watching, or did you just remember everything? If you took notes did it piss Jill off because you had to keep rewinding/pausing?
    *What do you really have against Maya Angelou? Just curious...can't say I care for the woman all that much, but really though...I think you have some angst there and I am just really curious...
    *Did you ever look through the Lutheran Yearbooks? I would suggest that you read "The Year in Review" as written by Jon Neiswander and was a hoot. Especially the bit about midgets standing on J-Lo's shoes blowing fans at Espanol. Whatta hoot.
    *Sorry 'bout the fence
    and finally
    *What's the whole story about the man tossing his wife off the overpass? I linked to the story and didn't really get the whole story...just some crappy artist's rendering and a little bit that seemed part fiction and part news story

    Thanks. Take care and keep up the massive posts...please.

  • At 6:38 AM, Blogger Mike Pape said…

    Answering your Q's, in order:

    Yes, Sydney turning evil would make me angry, and be a sure sign the show had run out of ideas. They played around with this in Season 3, having her see "herself" kill some diplomat and do some other bad stuff. But you always knew she was good, and it turned out she was.

    For Revolutions, I took a few notes while watching -- I recap mostly from memory, but I write down things I will need to remember. I never pause, and Jill doesn't watch Matrixes, so it's not a problem.

    Maya Angelou is an agent of Oprah, and as such must be destroyed, no matter how uplifting she may be.

    I did read the yearbooks,and I liked them.

    That's ok.

    And that story is the real story of the bridge-throwing, as far as we know. Maybe you didn't scroll down? There's a whole big touching story of insanity. I remember when this happened, the story went that this crazy guy drove up to an overpass, struggled with this chick, and pushed her off the edge onto Hwy 75 far below. Some white SUV was just driving along and got hit in the hood by a person falling from the sky. Scary. But read the whole story.

  • At 10:28 AM, Blogger jill said…

    Actually, Danny, Jill has a whole lotta fun when Michael takes notes because she gets to walk by occassionally and mock him for doing so. Because it's so nerdy. And then I remind myself that we're married. And then it's not so funny.

  • At 10:53 PM, Blogger Danny said…

    Oh I think it's hilarious! Just kidding...not but a few weeks ago I found myself taking notes on your husband's wonderful Blog.
    Hey, you know what I just remembered, the time that Drew (andrew at the time) headbutted me for picking on him in your study hall. Ha ha ha ha...I used to hate that kid so much. Wow how times have changed.
    Good day to you kind people.

  • At 5:43 AM, Blogger jill said…

    I don't remember that, Danny. The headbutting. And actually, I don't remember you hating Andrew either. I remember Neisewander hating him...

    That reminds me of the time that Neisewander argued that my detention was not valid because his name was misspelled. That was funny.

    I still don't know if I'm spelling it right.

  • At 9:32 PM, Blogger Danny said…

    Okay, but the number one most screwed up detention was when Davis was doing some excercise about when to walk away or something and I volunteered to assist...well long story short he told me to "walk away" like out the I thought that perhaps I should just keep walking, as he was not specific as to where I should walk. So I went out the Door by what would be the "C" gym and back around to the classroom on the outside. I walked away, as instructed. I then knocked on the window and asked to come back in. He detentioned me for leaving the building. What a crock!
    oh oh oh...and then there was the time that he gave me one for taking Sandiches...Sandiges...Chris...the kid with the calculators, a ti 800000000000 or something like that. Anyway Mike and I decided that it would be fun to type something into the screen and then put it back in his bag. So I reach into his open bag to grab the thing so that we can leave a note and Davis stands up yelling, "What are you doing? Are you stealing? You can't just go into someone elses bag like that? I can't believe that you would do this..." anyway, completely blowing up, didn't even give me a chance to explain. You know as a member or the lower class at such an uptight school I felt as though I was never going to get drunk with Scott StVincent after such a public scarring. Anyway, I love davis and bixby in the end. There was a time when Bixby and Gorski (both of which I severely disliked at times) making fun of my Hilfiger jeans...ah, who cares.
    Sorry for taking up all the space Mike and thanks for dropping me a line Jill. Take care.
    ps: more pictures


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