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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

All Moved In

I finally managed to get all my stuff moved into the room I should have never left. Everyone here at work is happy for me...the consensus thinks it was more ridiculous than even I thought it was. I can't tell you how many people have asked, "Why didn't they just keep you in there and build the cage where it is right now?" Only the general manager can answer that. It's very quiet here in service today, I kind of feel like I'm still over in that drab little room. Except I'm not.

I also finally have a handle on the new mangerial situation at Papa John's. The problem, as always, is that Papa John's couldn't make up their minds. They tried two other mangers here before settling on the Assistant and Shift we currently have. In the last week I have learned an important thing about them: They both hate their jobs and Papa John's in general. This is important, because this makes them more receptive to may own brand of rebelling against Papa's stupid policies. They also both plan on quitting very soon. Individually, here's what I know (or what they have told me, anyway):

Assistant just got back from his tour of duty in Iraq. He said this last Sunday after being on the phone with a particularly trying customer: "I've never felt more like killing myself than right now...and I just got back from Iraq!" He's had 20 grand in the bank after his time in Iraq, which he blew in what sounds like 2 weeks. I have no idea how he did that, except he does have a $1500 stereo system in his car, so there you go. He's got a girlfriend who he says is super smart and makes him jealous with how together her life is. He also hates Guy the General Manager (as all the other managers do because he does nothing) and the new Shift Manager, whom he sees as worthless.

Shift likes swords and renaissance fairs and being effeminate. He told me he was a renaissance fair champion in swordplay or something, which makes him either talented or a braggart or both. He has no idea how to run a shift...he uses words like "deployment" to mean "the things you have to do before you go home." I keep expecting him to hand me a grenade and deply me on the Domino's front. I cannot emphasise enough how bad he is at running a shift. He does no work, talks way too much about nothing important, and often just stares at people for no reason. Yeah, he's weird.

I've got to start arranging everything in my room now for easier use. It's so nice to be back home.


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