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Monday, July 04, 2005

Google Word For the Day

So I go through the trouble of personalizing my Google start page with a bunch of stuff I'll probably just want to remove later (thanks for the link, though, Paul M), and I include the "Word of the Day", which I will use to increase my vocabulary. Well guess what today's word is -- no, it's not Epth, unfortunately. Its..."varicolored", meaning: "having a variety of colors."

Next time I expect them to have a word that wasn't just made up in the Google offices. I mean, that's a word I totally could have made up. "Varicolored"? Don't we already have "multicolored"?
Google's motto is "do no harm", but they've just made the world a little dumber, or at least a little confused.

I sure hope tomorrow's word is for real.


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