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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

News For You -- Oct. 5

It's Halloween season again, and this means that when you see me, I'll probably be contemplating jamming a spork into my eye. Yes, I hate Halloween and everything about it (the celebration of evil, the bad horror movies, the dead leaves, the getting scared, the way the word is pronounced), so I can't wait for this month to be over, especially since baseball let the Yankees into the playoffs, where they promptly took a 1-0 lead on the hapless The The Angels Angels (The Los Angeles Angels in spainish). Baseball doesn't want me, I guess. I don't want them, either. That's all I have to say about that. And Halloween.

There were a pair of NBA Trades yesterday that I probably shouldn't comment on but I will anyway. In the first and most important one, the Bulls sent highly overrated and possibly doomed center Eddy Curry to the Knicks for former Buck Tim (TT) Thomas, Mike Sweeney, and a random Jackson. This trade looks at first to be a steal for the Knicks, but we must remember that the Knicks are dumb, and therefore look closer. The Bulls aren't dumb. What's going on here?

The Bulls are clearing cap space first and foremost. Thomas and Sweetney go off the cap at the end of the year, and by getting rid of Curry they also don't have to pay him any money. I personally think that Curry is in the Derrick Coleman/Vin Baker mold, a fantastic post player who gets a lot of stats and doesn't make your team any better. And he's not even as good as Coleman or Baker was. The good thing for the Knicks is they have Larry Brown, who should be able to get him to play hard most nights. This trade is befuddling me. I don't know what it all means.

The Bulls also get a little depth and flexibility, and maybe could trade Thomas or Sweetney down the road for an actual good player if they need one and somebody else needs cap room.

In another trade, former Buck Rafer (the Wafer) Alston was traded to Houston for former Buck Mike (Mad Dog) James. Just when you think Houston's doing all the right things, they go ahead and trade a good guy for one that's insane. Make no mistake about it -- Rafer's as nuts as Ron Artest, and he doesn't have the immense talent that Artest has to make up for it. And is Rafer really a better player than Mike James, even when he is taking his meds? Really? Did Houston watch any Toronto games last year? Did they see how little 'D' Rafer played? This trade also befuddles me. Just when I'm ready to hand the #2 spot in the West to Houston, they go and get a player who could bring it all crashing down around them.

Man, there's no news that's interesting at all today. Some science guy, possibly but probably not Bill Nye, says there will be at least one more badd Atlantic hurricane in October. Badd is spelled that way on purpose, btw. Like Color Me Badd, the founders of metrosexuality.

This story could be worse.

Nothing else is going on. I'm sorry about that.


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