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Monday, December 19, 2005

Two Posts a Day Until Christmas?

That's what I'm planning, anyway. I've neglected this thing far too long.

BAD NEWS: Haven't found the Roman Emperor One-Act Play as of yet. I found a bunch of other stuff you guys might like, though.

GOOD NEWS: I've got one more episode of LOST to watch before I'm completely caught up. It's a great show, but I don't know how much longer it can stay interesting. JJ Abrams had a similar problem with Alias, which I'm sure I mentioned, and before we knew it in the middle of season 3 the show had gotten to be a stale parody of itself. What I'm saying is that in a show like this where the action always has to be advancing from week to week, ultimately it's going to burn out. It'll be sad when that eventually happens to LOST. I mean, we can't have them discovering a different part of the plane every year, can we? Having said that, they show is absolutely riveting right now. That "Tail Section" episode was awesome, as was the fact that Shannon was killed. Do you think it's any coincedence that the 3 most annoying characters (Boone, Arzt, Shannon) have been killed off? The island is positively made of justice.

I just got back (to work) from the post office, and let me tell you they have come up with something that kicks all kinds of butt, called "Do-it-yourself Shipping". It's like the "self-checkout" lane at the grocery store, but it's at the Post Office. Let that sink in for a sec. Instead of standing in line for a disgruntled and break-loving postal worker, you now can just press some buttons on a screen with the help of a decidedly non-disgruntled and vaguely effeminate postal helper. He's a postal elf! Then you put your packages in a bin and leave. I had four packages to send, and I got in and out of there in 5 minutes. This is revolutionary, this convenience at the post office. What's next -- a mice-propelled spaceship? A lowfat ranch dressing that doesn't taste like glue? Is there anything that America can't do?

For the heck of it, death=adder.


  • At 10:41 AM, Blogger Lord Bif said…

    So when are you gonna post some Epth songs, or any other wonderful tapes we all listened to in your basement.

    Hey justin, want some Kool-aid?

    Get back in the house!

  • At 3:48 PM, Blogger Mike Pape said…

    That was funny, and you didn't even know the Dietelmeiers.

    That "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" tape might just have been my greatest achievement in life. I was 13, and it's been downhill (comedically speaking) ever since. That was also the period that produced Epth, by the way.

    It was all made possible with the help of that Hot Wheels (TM) wind-up motor, which got more and more loud and scary as you cranked it. Made a great radio chainsaw, let me tell you. Except it took a super long time to wind down, so the chainsaw guy kept having to hit it to get it to stop. When it stopped, it always said audibly, "out of gas." Man, that was awesome.


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