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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Debate with Myself: Should I Take a Month-Long Hiatus and Write Something I Can Sell?

Pro: I have two things I have to get written here this month -- a violent short story and a relatively non-violent account of many people I have worked with. I need time to do this, and I don't need this blog judging me every day if I don't post something.

Con: It's not like you post a lot now, and how much time does it really take anyway? Loser.

Pro: Don't call me a loser. You're a loser. One thing I could do is post excerpts of my work, as I go.

Con: That's a good idea. So why are we having this debate?

Pro: I don't know. Another thing I have to take into consideration is the fact that I have some writing to do for a friend of mine -- something about case studies re: Teaching faith issues in the classroom. I don't know what a case study is, and I need to find that out.

Con: You're such a ninny. Just write one, and see how it goes.

Pro: But that will take even more time away from the blog. And don't even get me started on the computer business that I've all of a sudden got a bug for.

Bug: Bzzzzz. Start a computer business. Bzzzzz.

Con: Just do what you feel is necessary. I'm outie. I don't like bees.

Pro: Come back here! You're my debate partner! Without you, I'm just one hand clapping or one shoe running.

Con: That doesn't make sense. And you ran with one shoe, once.

Pro: You're right. I'm going to post fun excerpts (FunCerpts?) from what I'm doing on this blog, plus extra stuff if I feel like it. Thanks, Con.

Bug: Bzzzzz. I'm not going away. Bzzzzz.


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