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Thursday, January 05, 2006

I've Just Got a Lot of Movies to See

Starting with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I have a ton of movies I wanted to see in the theater but never got the chance. Netflix is giving me that chance now, and I will be loving it. I'm also going to re-watch The Two Towers again, just to confirm that it is indeed the best of the three LOTR movies.

The thing is, I'm adding all sorts of movies, some of which I know are going to be terrible. But this should be good for me, this movie-watching. I saw that Narnia movie with the lion last week, and liked it. My secret shame: I never really was into the Narnia books as a child. I read the first one, and maybe a couple of others, but never really got into them. That indifference carried over into the movie for me. It was an exciting, interesting, technically masterful movie that I enjoyed, but I probably won't see it again.

Man, I've still got to post about the first 34 episodes of LOST. That's next.


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