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Monday, January 02, 2006

All Was Quiet on New Years Day

Four Big Winners from New Years:

1) Wine. I've been getting into wine for the first time lately, and I enjoyed a bit of it on New Years Eve. i didn't get buzzed or anything, but like I said it was enjoyable. I haven't decided if I like red, white, or blush best (nor have I become a wine tool, with the sniffing and the room temperature and the words like "bouquet" and "sideways").

2) Sports congratulations are in order for the Packers (won their last game, fired their uneasy head coach Mike Sherman), Badgers (beat the crap out of Auburn, retired their great head coach Barry Alvarez), Bucks (started the year 16-11, albeit a little schizophrenically), and Brewers (went .500 last year, which was voted the top Wisconsin sports story of 2005 by readers of the Milw. Journal/Sentinel, which is so sad in so many different ways).

3) Santa Claus, who got toys out again (on time) this year, plus avoided the wrath of the Christian Right by coming up with that whole "Happy Holidays" thing for them to attack. Don't laugh -- it was Papa John's corporate policy not to say "Merry Christmas." Of course, all of us Papa employees mocked that policy, but The Man was still trying to excise Christ from Christmas, which is something Santa tried but failed to do. The Man will fail as well, because nobody cares.

4) January 2nd, which feels very much like January 1st with all the college football going on. It's like an extra holiday! Remember, this is the only one* until Memorial Day, so party hardy.

* I am aware of Valentine's Day, and reject it as a holiday. Might as well be Groundhog Day, these days.


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