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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wisconsin Basketball -- The Glory Years '99-??

(Kammron Taylor has more time to work on his game this year, since he's not hosting the Oscars)

It seems like only 15 years ago future CBA player Danny Jones was trying to lead the Badgers to their first .500 season in the Big Ten since ancient times. He failed, the coach (what was that dude's name? I can't think of it -- Steve something?) was fired, and Wisconsin basketball just hoped to be considered for an NIT bid every year. Guess what? It was only 15 years ago. In the meantime, Wisconsin has a final Four appearance, a Sweet Sixteen appearance, a Great Eight appearance, and numerous other NCAA tournament-qualifying seasons. In fact, they haven't missed the tournament since 1998, which not coincidentally was also the last time they didn't have a winning record in the Big Ten.

Since 1999, they have also won the Big Ten three times, a feat that would have been unheard or even unthought of in 1991. They are the #2 program in the Big Ten during this span, trailing only Tom Izzo's Michigan State team in wins and awesomeness.

And now, as if to thumb their nose at the basketball gods that kept them down for so long (in such ways as giving them Stan Van Gundy as a coach the same year they had Tracy Webster, Michael Finley, and Rashard Griffith), they now have a guy who looks like Chris Rock.

Go Badgers!


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