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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Remind Me to be More Interesting

In what is kind of a watershed event for me, I saw a link to this blog on the Washington Post's web site, specifically in the "What Bloggers are Saying" section under that dreadful article about children's sleep habits. Not only that, but it's the TOP LINK. God bless Technorati. So far, only one person has clicked on that link, but every pair of eyes is a good pair of eyes in the blog world, right?

This has been a great week, stats-wise, btw. Probably my best ever. Totally non-indicative of the quality of my blogging. I mean, Pocky? Come on, who wants to read about that? Anyway, when I started the counter a few months ago I was averaging 4-8 visitors a day. Now that I've been writing much less compelling (but much shorter and more pithy) material, I'm up to 20-25 visitors a day, most of whch have me bookmarked. This amazes me. Thank you, every single one of you.

Now let's make that growth exponential rather than linear, eh? Tell your friends! I'll try to do better...


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