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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

No, Really, You Still Have to Try.

I’ll save the Milwaukee Bucks’ post-mortem for when they get unceremoniously booted out of the playoffs in the first round, but I feel it necessary to point out to any and all Bucks who might be reading this that it is very important that they win tonight in their final game of the season against the Washington Bulletzards. Washington is 40-40, and the Bucks are tied with Indiana and Chicago at 40-41. Indiana and Chicago both play teams that have nothing to play for – Orlando and Toronto. Washington has another game after this, and they play Detroit, which is resting its starters. If the Bucks win, all four teams will finish 41-41, with Milwaukee owning the tiebreaker over all their sorry butts. If the Bucks lose, they will finish 40-42, behind the other three teams. That would give them the 8th playoff seeding in the East. That means they would get well-rested and deadly Detroit in the First Round. This must not be allowed to happen.

Tonight, the Bucks can either be happy with the fact that they’re in the playoffs, or they can play hungry. I just hope they understand that it’s a choice between playing Cleveland or playing Death in a seven-game series. All they need to do is beat a .500 team. Get after it, purple and green.

My prediction? Failure, 150-37. But I just can’t figure out this team, so you never know.


  • At 10:55 PM, Blogger Danny said…

    I am feeling very sorry for myself right about could I neglect myself for so long and not read your blog. It is the best ever. Honestly, I do believe that it is the one thing on the internet that will keep me coming back...I enjoyed the little comments you posted about the random blogs...that Irony fella sure has it all on the ball 'eh. Also enjoyed reading about the Brazilian place. They have a few places like that over here in Japan as well. However it sounded as though your place was a little more "high class", which I would think would be rather difficult to achieve considering the 2 predominate facotrs; one it's meat on a stick and two it's a buffett. However oddly enough the Brazilian places over here are accompanied by a Chinese buffett. A ting odd don't you think? Take care and keep on it! Thanks.


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