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Monday, April 10, 2006

I'll Take the Decaf

Learning to live without caffiene for 40 days is an interesting thing. For example, I don't even like regular coffee, and view decaffienated coffee as pretty much the most pointless drink known to man (all of the bad taste with none of the benefits -- kinda like non-alcoholic beer), yet I find myself drinking a cup of it every morning. A wouldn't be doing it were it not free, but still, I find it strange that I do that.

Also, "Aruba Jam" Sprite is about the only non-caffienated soda I can tolerate drinking every day, and even then, it's iffy.

I'd also like to say, "You're welcome" to the 500,000 hispanics who marched peacefully through the streets of Dallas yesterday. They took most of my advice, and it was a great PR victory for Mexican-Americans everywhere, even the illegal ones. Of course, I won't get credit for this. What? Oh, other people pointed these things out, too? Well, we were all right.

Great to see those American flags out there, especially. Now, if we can get them to not root against our soccer team when we play Mexico, we might be able to start the immigration healing process.


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