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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Not really news, but high-brow humor

The Dallas Morning News has launched a point-counterpoint type section called "Points", which you'll find here. The Dallas Observer, the independent paper in town, has created their own section to mock "Points", which you'll find here.

(The Dallas Morning News site requires registration, and the Observer mockery requires Adobe Acrobat. If you have both of those things or can figure out how to get them, you pass for today. If not, I'm sorry, but no funny for you.)

And in the op-ed section, here's a thing from the NY Times (also requiring registration) on why Wal-Mart's evil (at least in an American economic sense) has been overstated.

A sports note: UW-Milwaukee won by one point last night in the Horizon League championship, sending them to the NCAA Basketball Tournament for the 2nd time ever. I hate the school (for admittedly not very well-thought-out reasons that involved a former friend and some Nicaraguan chick he met there), but I just love the basketball team and their frenetic style of play. Two years ago they very nearly upset Notre Dame in the first round. Watch out for them, and their Nicaraguan girlfriends.

4 more days until Selection Sunday. Isn't it glorious? This news section would be a good time to mention my annual NCAA Tournament Pool, which is not gambling because it is free to anyone reading this right now. The winner gets a little prize -- a free dinner (if they know us, and visit us) or a t-shirt of a team they like, or something else entirely. We don't know what it will be, it totally depends on the winner. If you want to be in the pool, e-mail me your picks:

Thank you for your support.


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