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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Happy Post-Memorial Day Everybody

So all of you are moving on today, just content to have had your 3-day weekend and some turkey burgers? These people died. That's all I'm saying. Every day is Memorial Day to me. Is that sanctimonious enough for May 31? Probably, since I've never gone to war, unless you count my undeclared war against cats.

Maybe the fact that it's still Memorial Day for me explains why I'm so relaxed. I've decided not to think about my job at the computer store when I'm not working anymore. It just makes me worry too much. While I'm here in the store, I'll think about it the same way they think of me -- merely a means to an end (the end being avoiding poverty). It's great, this economic system of ours that makes us hate our jobs. Maybe we need some balance -- a little job security here and there, a little antitrust legislation on occasion, a 35-hour work week, etc. America is losing steam because many people feel oppressed. We come up with names for it (The Man, Crime, etc.), this thing that oppresses us, but the problem is really just a lack of concern for others. This starts at the top and flows down to you and me. We're all part of it. Or maybe it's just me.

The weekend itself was great and relaxing -- almost chillaxing, if that can be used as an adjective. We tried to see a Rangers/White Sox game on Saturday but it was rained out. That was strangely relaxing as the rain kept coming down on our umbrellas for two hours and people kept retreating up under the awnings and into the concourse and everybody knew it was going to be a rain-out even after the voice on the loudspeaker told us that they just spoke with the "National Weather Service" and it was going to clear up in just a sec. It was over 3 hours after the 3:05 start time when they finally called it. Greedy leeches. See? Lack of concern for others is the problem. But still, it was relaxing.

Sunday was the day of my wife's class' 6th grade graduation/church service. Everything about this was cute, right down to the miniaturized sandwiches at the reception and the miniaturized adults who graduated. I'm sure the kids that graduated will remember what they've been taught. I did. Maybe it's just me.

I'm off to "pursue other employment opportunities"* for a while this morning, and hope the day doesn't turn into a crapstorm.

*This is what my high school yearbook said about the Spanish teacher who got fired the previous year, that he was "pursuing other employment opportunities". This phrase has subsequently become a code word for failure in my personal dictionary. This morning, however, it merely means what it says, and has no subtext behind it. As far as you know.


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