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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

News disguised as a politcal rant, plus extra.

More and more nations are moving toward high-tech person-tracking ID cards, and now the U.S. is getting in the act. This is bad, this is very bad. It's the lazy way to say you're fighting terrorism, all the while keeping better control over law-abiding citizens. I understand the suspicion in this terrorist age, but do we really want the people who have the powers granted by the Patriot Act to have access to our every move? Thank God for the Democrats, who are fighting this Big-Brother stuff like they should. Oh, wait -- it passed the Senate unanimously. This is why I will never vote for Democrats. They need to know their role and play it, because if they don't nobody will. There's just two parties, people. It's not like Ross Perot will be riding in on a small horse to save us, chart in hand and ears flapping in the breeze. Maybe they should stop filibustering federal judgeships for a second and actually protect the things they believe in. Of course, maybe the Republican congress could stop overspending, too, since they're the only ones that can stop that. No longer.

In opposite tech news, the author of the infamous "I Love You" computer virus of 2000 is free and living in the Philippines, because they had no laws on the books to charge him with a crime there. If you want to get free from the Man, move to a country like this.

"Bee-sting Face" (copyright KTCK, 2003) Renee Zellweger has married some country spare named Morris Chestnutt. Er, Kenny Chesney. Apparently, he had had a thing for the actress since "Jerry McGuire", and stalked her into becoming his bride after she broke up with another, less hygenic, music guy. That's either sweet or really really creepy. I mean, this Chesney guy wrote a song called, "You Had Me at Hello". This would be like Diana Rigg circa 1963 marrying me. I can't believe I just wrote that.

After 17 years of political wrangling, Germany has built a giant monument against the Holocaust. Of extreme interest in this USA Today article are the facts that a Neo-Nazi party won 9.2% of the vote in East Germany last time. Germany is a weird buncha crap, let me tell you. I get the feeling that fascism could arise there again any second, much like Communism in Russia. I'm glad we live here in America after all.

I suppose I have to mention this study, where scientists found that gay men's brains respond to male "pheromones" the way women's brains do, and not the way straight men's brains do. This all makes sense to me that gay men's brains would react differently from straight men. Have you seen how they dress? Just kidding. Scientists are saying that this is evidence that homosexuality is biological and not learned, but even they will admit that this study doesn't really prove anything. Important paragraph:
Hamer cautions that the gay men's different brain activity could be either a cause of their sexual orientation or an effect of it. But, he said, "it certainly seems unlikely that somehow being interested in men would cause the brain to rewire itself in such a dramatic way."

Yeah, and specific stimuli never gets our brain to react or anything. But I've got a lot of questions about it, like, do all gay men respond to the chemical in exactly the same way? How about all women? All straight men? I need answers to analyze this. Ok, I've said way too much about homosexuality today. I'd better stop before somebody misunderstands me.


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