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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Still News Wednesday

Here's the only news that's interesting to me today:

Yet another deadly train accident, this time in Sri Lanka, which I'm sure is beautiful but like most places in the world conflict and people have turned it into a toilet. The bus driver was actually swerving around the gate in order to make it across the tracks, and is now in jail. I just learned about train gates in my driver's safety course. Did you know that they only extend over half the road so that drivers on the tracks will be able to escape trains by going forward? That's right, I passed.

This is threatening to make that "That's why I went to Beirut -- to find some peace!" joke in the first Naked Gun movie obsolete. Could it be that the operation that cost so many lives in Iraq is paying dividends now? I'm not going to call Bush a genius, but...well, there's too much to say about that in this confined space. I will say that perhaps the defining quality about this current Bush is his willingness to look bad. He's not afraid to take heat for things, some of which are out of his control. For more on that, see this photo of him holding the Saudi Crown Prince's hand. remember Fahrenheit 9-11 and Moore's accusation that the Bushes and the Saudis were in bed together? It's like the whole first half of the movie. Anyway, do you think that Bush would have let himself be photographed like that 2 years ago? No way, dude. Bush doesn't care about anything but getting his agenda through congress these days. It's not like he can be re-elected, right? I'm sure we will be hearing more on this.

Good news for my friend who works at Boeing, and for all of us that takes trips to his house to play video games and eat garbage food for 3 days -- Air India has ordered some planes!

Gosh, the news is boring today. Nokia's opening a new line of sugar phones for us to not buy. Also, Microsoft is starting to get everyone ready for it's next operating system, which I'm sure will be the most amazing advance since Windows 95, because that's what they always say. It's code-named "Longhorn" right now, but I'm sure they will end up giving it a more generic name, like Windows Smith.

The Empire Strikes Back was voted the best of the Star Wars movies by some guys. At some point Star Wars became A New Hope. Notice the new trilogy at the bottom. Revenge of the Sith isn't even out yet, and it still beat the first two movies.

Speaking of movies, Hitchhiker's comes out on Friday. There is nothing that can keep me from seeing it on my lunch hour...nothing! I wonder what critical reaction will be like. There's a very good chance that a lot of critics won't really "get" it, or will go the opposite way and see the movie as a pale imitation of the books (for a curious example of both at once, see this review from the Village Voice). So far, the tomatometer is at 60%, which I'm taking as a good sign. You know me -- as long as the movie's funny, I'll enjoy it.

I'm tired of news now. Go home, you people.


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