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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Some more news

First of all, let me reiterate something: Arrested Development is a great, great show. I've been watching the Season One DVDs since my wife's been away and there is a point in the middle of that first season where every single joke they try works. It's funny, and clever, and smart, and I like it.
Go out and buy the DVD set and watch it next year -- it'll be on Monday nights. Go, AD! Beat that NFL!

Now, the news:
It looks like Tony Blair found out what we found out after Oklahoma City: not all terrorists are born somewhere else and sneak into this country, some of them are born and raised here. They also now think that these were suicide bombings after all. There has been a lot made of the English ignoring the problem of Muslim extremism and hoping it goes away. That's bad. There can also be the opposite problem, however, as my former congressman from Wisconsin is trying to demonstrate by making the Patriot Act permanent. This guy doesn't like that, but with a name like, you would figure he's going to be critical of stuff.

Kenny Rogers was totally right, the press sucks. Not only did the person who wrote the article not include whatever question the first lady was answering when she said, "Sure, it would be nice to have another woman on the bench," or whatever she said. Then they go and beat President Bush down with it. What a bunch of jerks. Only blue-staters would have this much disdain for the reader. If you see a cameraman on the street filming something today, please do us all a favor and assault him. Texas Rangers fans will then give you a standing ovation, and other morons in the press will start to make you a martyr. You will get booed at the all-star game, however. You take the good you take the bad you take them both and there you have, well, you know.

This is my favorite headline of the day so far: Drivers Swerve to Avoid Corpse. I just goes to show that a pickup truck is not the same as a hearse, even in the great state of Texas.

Speaking of Texas, something kinda funny happened to me yesterday. I was outside for lunch, thinking it was a nice day, about 90 degrees and partly cloudy. That's already pretty strange, thinking that 90 degrees is nice. When I got home after work, I learned that it had been 100 degrees out at noon! I have been fully desensitized to the blast furnace that is Dallas. I think I'm actually evolving to a higher form of mammal, one with thicker skin or something. Hey, people believe stranger things -- did you not see my last post?!

The Space Shuttle is going up today. Having lived through two Space Shuttle tragedies in my lifetime, I am understandbly a bit nervous. As I have told many-a-time, the 1985 explosion was a crazy thing, man. They were sending that teacher up in space, so like every American student was taking time out of class to watch the launch. I mean, they set up TV's everywhere. And then that happened. It was just horrifying. Thankfully, I was out sick that day.

If you use Firefox, patch it. Speaking of Firefox, I need to talk to you people out there about Greasemonkey and how it's going to change the internet forever. That will be soon, maybe today.

Forget about all those other "spare" terrorist bombing victims, let's concentrate on this pair of attractive American sisters who got hurt. Favorite quote from the doctor:
"When somebody blows you up, it's not a real good day."
When Jesus comes back to judge us as an American people, this type of beauty-focus is going to be the first thing he mentions. Not abortion, not O.J., not Madonna, this. Thank about that.


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