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Sunday, October 09, 2005

My Oh My

That last post created a little bit of controversy. This blog needed a bit, no? Maybe. Anyway, it's clear I need to pass off the "Dear Abby" duties to somebody who's going to get into less trouble. Later this week I will unveil him and name him.

I've had some sort of stomach thing since Friday night that's just driving me crazy. It feels like I have gas pretty much all the time. I just got Gas-X, and it seems to be working a little bit, but my stomach still feels nauseous. What also helped was the Packers winning 52-3 today, but then I remembered that they're still 1-4 and I felt bad again. My stomach shouldn't be ruled by a football team, but as an American, it is.

To justify this post's existence, here's another cute picture of my dog.


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