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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Wednesday is not News Day

I don't have time to recap any news today, since work is only now returning to relative normalcy after two days of absolute chaos (and it must be pointed out that chaos is still out there lurking, it just hasn't made its way over to service yet today). Also, they found a bunch of empty boxes, meaning someone (in our own workforce!) is stealing stuff, and this after we implemented the draconian loss prevention policies that have cost so many employees so much time in the past month. This is just like gun-control. Loss Prevention policies only punish the law-abiding because the law-breakers will still win. Oh, well -- my many and various bosses can at least claim they did something, even if that something cost the company lots of time and money and didn't actually solve the problem. I suppose this sort of failure goes on just about everywhere these days.

I'm being absolutely attacked by faxes right now. Since I started this post, the fax machine has rung at least 5 times. That's a sure sign of coming chaos. Let's go see what they are. Hopefully they're unsolicited stock tips or weight loss advertisements. That's useful. Hold on... was actually only two things, even though I swear it rang 5 times. That means we theoretically lost three important faxes. Oh, well. I'm sure they'll call back. Hey, I gotta deal with one of these faxes, so if you don't hear from me until after Thanksgiving (not likely), then it ate me, so divide up my belongings.


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