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Friday, March 03, 2006

34 Years Ago Today...

My founding parents brought forth upon this continent me. For that, and for protecting me from bad people as I grew up, I give them thanks. I'd also like to thank:

My brothers and sister, for being so much older and wiser than me and for not beating me up too bad when I annoyed them by following them around.

My nephews and neices, I'd like to say for making me rediscover my youth but you mostly just made me feel old. Anyway, thanks for being awesome people, and for waiting until after I got married to do the same.

My other family members, in-laws, and various, for each teaching me at least one thing as I grew up. Plus, an extra thank you to those who married my siblings, because you have to put up with us and our Pape-ness.

My wife, for having her class sing me happy birthday, as well as myriad other things.

My friends, for allowing me to see a man chase another man down a street to get his comb back. Also for staying with me, and thinking of me, and everything else you've done for me.

The Jews, for existing.

The NCAA Tournament, for making March the greatest month of the year.

The US Military.

Boubacar Aw.

Seriously, though -- it doesn't really feel like I'm 34, or like this is my birthday. I'm a few short days away from death now, but it doesn't really feel any different. I could go at any second.

I get to work both jobs today, so hopefully everyone here will cooperate and give me a good experience. I strongly suspect nobody here knows its my birthday, which is just as well because they would have expected me to bring in cupcakes or something. How perverse is that, bringing in food for your own birthday? I find it both self-insulting and attention-leechish. And that's a hard word to say.

I know I've done a lot of rambling this week, and for that I don't really apologize. I've had a lot of crap to do, and I have to get it all done before I die.

God bless you all.


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