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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

In Case You Missed it: NCAA Tourney Pool Announcement

Friends, family, people I know, people who exist,

This is the time of year when you give me your NCAA tournament picks. I’m sorry that this year will be so hard to pick, since there aren’t very many good teams. It’s all a big jumble. I feel obligated to point out that a) it’s not my fault, and b) that prevents the smart people from having an advantage. My point is: this is threatening to be the best tournament ever, and if you miss out on this opportunity to play our little game, you may be hurting your enjoyment of it by as much as 30%. I don’t think anyone wants that.

The rules of this NCAA Tournament Picking Game are as follows: Pick all the games of the tournament, from start to finish. They are in convenient bracket form in most newspapers today, so it shouldn’t be hard. Put in as much or as little analysis as you’d like – it won’t matter, probably. When you’re done, send them to us at, so we can give them to our Overlord, the pool program.

You get 5 points for a first round win, 7 for a second round win, 11 for a third round win, 18 for a final four team, 27 for a final two teams, and 40 for the winner. How awesome is that? The winner shall receive a TBA prize of our choosing, probably either a dinner or a shirt, depending on logistical issues. All the losers receive nothing.


As always, there will be updates after every round. I’m so pumped! Give us your picks right now! I can’t stand the excitement!

Also, send us your pick for the play-in game and receive one point if you're right! Wow!


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