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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Entertainment -- This Post Goes After "Post Three"

Not only has the opening band left the area, we just found out that Sufjan has a big screen behind him for multimedia extravagazas! This is going to be just like that Floyd concert, only I haven't been offered weed.


I don't know how much I'll be posting during the actual concert, since I paid (after surcharges) 35 bucks for these seats. We're in the balcony, btw. At least we have a clear view of the stage and aisle seats.

Anyway, I'll have a playlist for you at some point I suppose.

Update: still no blacks in attendance, though I do see quite a few afros. I've also decided that there are quite a few 17-19 year-olds as well. There's now a sweet smell of some kind of smoke hanging in the air. Allergies ahoy.

Upon further review, the orange-red is actually blood-red. And the stage is butt-ugly with curtains seemingly made of giant pieces of garland. I can't decide whether it's christmas-y or space-age-y. Either way, it's terrible.

There are also giant glowing things on the wall that typify the pro/anti 70's vibe.

Sufjan's about to hit the stage. Also, a 6th fat person just husked by. I could not be more excited right now...


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