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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Got the Blackberry

Last week I got my own office and a Blackberry, so I guess I'm officially all growns up. And a professional, no less. Piece of advice: Google Maps for Blackberry is unbelievably awesome, as in my life is now split into B.G.M.f.B and A.G.M.f.B. I don't know how I lived without the ability to pull up a map to the nearest Sam's Club on my mobile device. When I get fired, I'm going to be mad.

The astute reader will note that I'm also drinking wine, wirelessly networking, and doing all sorts of other "adult" things these days. In fact, I'm drinking wine and wirelessly networking right now. I'm also multitasking, as the Texas-Ohio St. bloodletting is on the TV in front of which I am wirelessly networking. Looks like Texas fans will be slightly less insufferable this year. Yay!

If it seems like I'm rambling, that's another astute observation. Have y'all checked out the LOST Experience lately? They're like, on the verge of giving away the secret of the numbers (and they sorta let the cat out of the bag already, imo.) It's too hard to explain for the uninitiated, but here's a link to the video in question, which features Alvar Hanso and goes a long way towards explaining the entire background of the island and the Dharma Initiative. Of course, this should all be taken with a gallon of salt. They seem to be claiming that LOST is a fictional story based on the "real" mythology of the Hanso Foundation. That's quite ambitious (not to mention bizarre and possibly self-defeating), if you ask me. Anyway, watch the video and feel free to freak out.


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