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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This Post Actually Goes Before "The Row in Front of Us."

I'm sitting in traffic in dallas (redundancy sic) waiting to get my and my wife's bodies and ears over to the Lakewood Theater in Dallas. Yeah, we're going to see the greatness of Sufjan "John Wayne Gacy Dude" Stephens live and for real in concert. Since I am now the mobilest blogger in the nation, I will be able to report on this as it happens instead of waiting until my memory has fuzzified everything.

Maybe I should have announced this sooner, but give me a break...I just discovered I can do this.

First observation: Sufjan fans are monolithically white (the only black people I've seen are the security people) and 20-40 years old. I'll go a step further and note that about 90 percent of the people here are 20-28 years old. Also, I'm easily the fattest person here.

More news as it happens, I promise.


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