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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Brett Favre

He's coming back for next season! His wife is doing well with the cancer treatment!

This dude has been through a ton in the past two years, from the death of his father to the death of a brother-in-law in a tragic ATV accident to his wife Deanna being diagnosed with cancer to Reggie White's sudden death (mentioned in this Journal Sentinel Online article -- it hadn't occurred to me before that Reggie would mean all that much to Mr. Favre). You have to admire a lot of things about him as a man, like his massive growth in maturity from his early 20's and his intestinal fortitude.

What this news means is the Packers can stave off total collapse for another year at least. It also means that we should get ready for another year of drooling superlatives directed towards Favre from unctious announcers. Unfortunately, it also means another early-round playoff loss caused by Favre trying to do too much, but we forgive him because he's so much fun.

It is a stated dream of mine to watch a game in the Favre family box with Deanna Favre and the rest of them. I think that would be so cool, to be cheering with them. If any of you out there could make this happen, you would have my gratitude. I might even owe you one, and I have a staunch personal policy against owing anyone one.


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