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Monday, March 14, 2005

If any of my readers wants to do this they are welcome.

Pape NCAA Tournament Pool 2005

You knew it was going to arrive, and yet it still snuck up on you. It’s Pool time again!

<>As always, there is no cost to enter, since the pool program is already paid for. Don’t send us any money, or we will be forced to use it in non-Pool-related ways. The winner will receive a To Be Announced prize that totally depends on who the winner is. What a great world.

The points breakdown is the same as last year, and is as follows: 5 for a first round win, 7 for a second round win, 11 for a third round win, 20 for a Final Four team, 35 for a Final Two team, and 50 points for the Champion. If you get your picks in by Tues. night, you can get one point for predicting the winner of the play-in game (terrible Oakland or weakly Alabama A&M). Otherwise, all picks must be in by the time the first game tips off on Thursday. I will be off work Tuesday evening and Thursday morning, so if you hate technology so much you have to call your picks in, those would be the best times. The best way, of course, is through e-mail. The best part is, there are like three addresses you can use:,, or Jill at You can’t say we didn’t give you options.

This year’s Pool promises to be the biggest yet, because if your picks aren’t in by Thursday, I will be harassing you. I want a bunch of Nephews in this year (and possibly Nieces as well), because they are so much fun.

People get ready, because the Madness has begun.


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