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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

News: Pathetic Fox Ratings Grab

The Fox TV Network made a huge "mistake" last night, giving out the wrong numbers for people to vote for three of the contestants on its hugely popular and vapid "American Idol" show. Now, they get to run another episode tonight and do a re-vote. How interesting. Whatever you do, don't notice that a totally ridiculous and easily caught mistake is causing Fox to run the #1 show in America three times in one week instead of the normal two. The sad part is, the teenage girls who are the main voting bloc probably view this as an opportunity, not as the rip-off it actually is.

In personal news, I'm still the number 4 all-time Freshman runner at Milwaukee Lutheran High School. See? I am special. I'm also the number 9 all-time sophomore runner, but don't ask about my junior and senior years. Two words: anemia failure.


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