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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ok, Now the Real News

Barry Bonds has said the media is responsible for, among other things: him taking steroids, the notion that taking steroids is cheating, racial hate crimes, speculation about the size of his head, and him being black. Now he is accusing them of causing his possible season-ending injury. Is he truly insane or just totally fixated on himself? You, readers, can judge for yourselves.

Does anyone else think this AP writer is just trying to make the "creationists" look foolish? Nice 6-sentence story about an incredibly nuanced issue. Way to cover all your bases. Sheesh.

Once again, an outsider screaming to everyone around him for help is ignored with tragic consequences. This Minnesota school shooting is such a sad story. It recalls the sadness of Columbine in many ways. It's a living horror movie. Can't we reach out to these kids? I guess I'm addressing that question to myself, too -- we can't just ignore problem kids and let the government sort them out. We need to love them, just like we love the great/famous people.

Shifting Gears: I don't usually care about business news, but I thought I should mention this. You know that thing that the Federal Reserve did in the late 90's that sent us spiraling into a recession in 2001? It's doing it again. There is no inflation, people. For there to be inflation, people would have to have money. Astronomically higher gas prices do not mean that inflation is a problem, just that gas prices are a problem.

"Ned" from "Ned & Stacy" gets to be Spider Man's next villain, although we don't know what villain that will be. Let's see: The Lizard (maybe -- he is slightly reptillian)? The Sandman (too big)? Mysterio (again, maybe)? Kraven the Hunter (not likely)? The Vulture (too old)? Venom (ok, please stop this nonsense)? Carnage (oddly, that one fits)?

Affordable medicines, schmaffordable medicines. India says "yes" to the draconian patent laws that are required to join the World Trade Organization. Who cares if some AIDS people die -- the patent holders must be paid! It's like the copyright craziness we have here in the U.S., except this time people will actually die from overzealous copyright laws.

Tech News: Apple declared war on their ITunes customers, and made them upgrade their program to a new version to combat a version of ITunes (named PyMusique) that allows you to download non-broken songs, i.e., without copy protection. Several hours later, a new version of PyMusique was released that defeated the upgrade. The revolution will not be televised, but it may happen on the internet.

editorial aside: The real problem with this whole copyrighted music issue is: The labels and many of the artists don't trust their customers. I challenge you to name me one successful business that doesn't trust their customers. A business should be trying to meet the customer's needs and wants, not suing them and calling them criminals for what they need and want.

More news later, as I notice it...


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