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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Wednesday is news day.

As if I were a better blog, I will now WOW you all, my beloved readers, with up-to-the-minute news. But first, remember that whole "Anthrax" scare after September 11th, 2001? The scare that killed 5 old people and anthraxed up 17 more? That was wacky. And remember how a post office in D.C. thought there was anthrax on one of it's machines? Well, it didn't. And remember when we thought the Pentagon's air ducts were crawling with anthrax? Well, they weren't. Here's the story. (courtesy the New Scientist, whatever that is. Maybe this so-called "New Scientist" can come up with evidence for Naturalistic Evolution, because the old one sure couldn't)

Newsy News:
There may be worse places in the world to crash-land, but not many. Either 27 or 32 people die as a plane crashes in the "Russian Arctic". (courtesy ABC news, who seems to be as befuddled as I am about the conflicting numbers)

Apocalyptic story of the day: If we get hit with a French dirty bomb, that would just seal it. The French aren't guarding their stinking plutonium properly, so says one guy. (again, the New Scientist)

Iraq Update: The new Parliament is sworn in among mortar explosions, providing a fitting point/counterpoint for the situation there. It's not Democracy vs. Despotism (like it would be in Civilization III), it's Democracy vs. "Let's kill everyone and blow stuff up". (courtesy Fox News, which loves war, according to some.)

This is why you get the Jag with the sunroof: it gives you a better angle when you want to kill your enemies. Of course, you do that once and you'd better dump the Jag somewhere, because people are going to notice someone popping out of the Jag's sunroof with a high-powered rifle and killing people. I can't wait for the arrests, because these are people who need to be paraded around Dallas and mocked for their wasted potential. Let's see: Jag + Automatic weapons = Drug Dealer? BTW, for those of you who know Dallas at all, this happened right by the Virgin Megastore on Central Expy. (courtesy the Dallas Morning News, registration required)

"Dating non-church members is discouraged". This shooting last week hit close to my heart since I grew up in a suburb of Milwaukee (not Brookfield, though, thank God. That place is like schmuckville* or something). Also, after Fight Club, shouldn't we immediately be suspicious of those who make their own soap? I know, I know -- I shouldn't make light of such a situation, especially considering my ties to the area. My point is that there were warning signs here that people ignored. You can't get to the point where you want to kill yourself and take a few with you without dropping some hints to that effect. This story is a prime example of why all people need to be cared for by society (and by that I don't mean "The Goverment", you liberal weenies, I mean "us"). (courtesy the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, registration required)

*bonus points for getting this reference.

More news as it happens, or at least as I discover it...


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