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Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Concretes

About 4 months ago I downloaded some noteworthy songs from this one band, but then deleted them and forgot what the name of the band was. The reason the songs are noteworthy is the lead singer's hypnotically crappy voice. Really, that's the only proper way of explaining it. The woman singing sounds like a mental patient they let out just to put down the vocal tracks for this album.

I got the idea to use the mostly worthless iTunes to look up the band, because I remembered the chorus to one of the songs says something about "new friend". I looked up the search term "new friend", and found my band. It's The Concretes. And the woman isn't insane, she's Swedish. It all makes sense to me now. Warning: the band sucks, so don't expect to like their music. The only reason I like them is the vocal stylings, which like I said aren't good per se but are very mesmerizing. It's the aural equivalent of the proverbial train wreck. You can't stop listening even if you try.


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