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Monday, April 18, 2005

Funny T-shirts

I have often wanted to make and sell funny T-shirts. My first one would be a white one with black lettering that says, "Clothing is not a means of personal expression." That would make me laugh, if I saw that on the street. BTW, if any of you want to use that, you better negotiate with me first, because I will not hesitate to sue over something stupid like that and ruin our friendship just to get myself money.

Anyway, this dude has got some T-Shirts that made me laugh. For some reason, "High-Five" is my favorite. Some of them are very specific to the radio station I listen to all the time down here (such as "Hey...Dil."), KTCK the Ticket. One day I will have to tell you all about the Ticket, since I spend probably 4-8 hours a day listening to it at my two jobs and in the car. It is ostensibly a Sports Talk station, but only about half of the talking they do is about sports. Explaining this would take too long now. I've been looking for something new to post after that Delivery Night Story Two-Parter anyway.

In other news, the Yankees are spending more than anybody else by far, and they have started 4-8. Glee doesn't even begin to describe what I would feel if they fell apart this year. Like I have always said, the year the Yankees miss the playoffs is the year I start taking baseball seriously again.

Also, it appears that I'm going to have to eat my hat. Good thing I just made this tiny hat out of cheese.


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