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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Something You Hadn't Thought Of...

When daylight savings time happens (I'm referring here to the accursed "jump forward" in April that causes us to lose and hour of sleep, not the blessed "jump backward" in October that causes us to eat dinner in the dark), there is a totally unintended effect that pizza delivery people feel. You see, since people are used to eating at a certain time, and now that time has magically become an hour later than it was before, people tend to eat later in the day. Business in the hours of 8-11 goes up, because those who were eating at 7 are now eating at 8, and so on. This is good for a driver like me, who gets to work around 6 and works until 10 or 11.

In October, business also booms around Daylight Savings due to this equation: dark+cold=call the Pizza Guy.

I just got the next film in the ongoing Project: See all the films from last year that people said were good. Next up is The Incredibles, which played for 2 weeks outside the room where I work, so I have seen "bits and pieces" of it as I walked by. There will be a Netflix Diary up soon. See? I have the ability to recap films people actually like. My popularity is about to a-splode, I can feel it.

The Brewers are 2-0. I'm still not interested, and you can't make me be.


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