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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

News Wednesday

I don't have the time or heart to get into more news today, especially since I can't be sure that Blogger will allow me to post it, but my general impressions of the news involve a lot of diseases, Johnny Cochran dying, Jesse Jackson coming out as pro-Terry Schaivo, and a bunch of tech stuff that I and probably only I am interested in.

I will say this: The Supreme Court, our Absolute Rulers, will be deciding soon on whether peer-2-peer networks are all bad or only partly bad. I sincerely hope our 9 Supreme Rulers decide to send both the scummy P2P companies, the RIAA, and Congress into a room together and not come out until they have a solution that works for all people everywhere. They did it before with VCR's, they can do something with this situation now.


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