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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Baseball, and Other Quick Hits to Tide You Over

After my disastrous prediction about the Final Four (my upset picking record, lifetime: 2-1), I hesitate to predict anything about sports ever again. That's what separates me from the scum on ESPN -- I admit when I'm wrong. And I was horribly, horribly wrong about the UNC-Michigan State game. Man, was I dumb. I deserve to be beaten.

I will, however, offer a prediction on this year's baseball season because (thanks to escalating salaries among only a couple of teams) baseball has become easy to predict. With the combination of the Yankees' evil payroll and the Yankee-Killer himself (Randy Johnson) joining up with the evil, I don't see how the Yankees can lose this year.* If for some reason they do lose, then the Red Sox will win. It's just that simple. I'll put the percentages like this: Yankees 60%, Red Sox 35%, everybody else 5%. And remember, I won't follow baseball for real until one of two things happen -- either the Brewers make the playoffs or the Yankees don't. Enjoy the predetermined season, everybody! Don't get mustard on your throwback jersey!

I will be posting my Netflix diary on Spider Man II in a couple of days, complete with more information and hot opinions on the Spider Man universe than you can imagine. Stop trying, because you really can't imagine them.

Oh, yeah, the Pope died, too. First, my non-sensitive thought: Is Johnnie Cochran, Terry Schiavo, and Pope John Paul II the weirdest trifecta ever?

Now, the more sensitive stuff. A great man and the only Pope I've ever known has died. It feels like (and I mean this in the best possible way) when the former Mayor of Milwaukee, Henry Maier, decided not to seek re-election in the late 80's. I mean, he was always "Mayor Maier". There was always a "Pope John Paul II". He was, from all I've read and heard, an extraordinary and beloved man (and there have been many Popes in history that have been neither). Even though I don't believe he is anything other than just another believer in Jesus, he used his position for so much good, most of which we probably don't even know about. The world will miss him and he will be hard to replace.

Johnnie Cochran also left his mark, often in the service of good. He will be remembered mostly for helping get guilty O.J. acquitted, and secondly for his clowinsh post-O.J. TV career, but he did many other things, many of which were heroic.

Enough about the dead. The living are where it's at.

*The reality is, after last night I'm a bit gunshy about predicting any sort of upsets, and I'm just kind of kneejerking here. This whole baseball paragraph is actually my bitterness towards Michigan State coming out -- They can beat Wisconsin in the Final FOur in 2000, but they can't beat UNC this year. They have just acquired a new sports enemy -- me. All these years I liked State better than M GO BLUE. No more.


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