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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Working Hard, People

I've been working on a big piece describing my night of delivery on Sunday -- it's taking up all my writing time right now. Sunday night wasn't particularly interesting, but I needed to do something productive with that time, so I took notes and now I'm writing about it. We'll see how it looks after I'm done. I may post the whole thing, I might post it in installments, or I might just post excerpts. Here's and excerpt, to whet your appetite:

a fisher-price basketball hoop

It's going to be awesome! If I get it done by tomorrow, it may be the biggest blog posting day ever, with Wednesday being news day and all.

In other news, working so much is really beating me down, so if you're planning on hiring me to do something for you, you should do it now before my brain turns to jelly.

Three Underrated Movies:
1) Toys
2) Last Action Hero
3) Airplane II

Thank you for your support.


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