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Friday, May 13, 2005

Feelin' Fortunate to be an Arrested Development Fan Right About Now.

I really only intended to post once today, but I've got, as the dancing dwarf would say, good news. No, the gum you like isn't coming back in style -- it's better.

mmm...check this out!

That's right, we're 99% sure that Arrested Development will be coming back not just for one more full season but for two full 22-episode seasons! I feel like a giddy teenage girl who just found out Generic Teen Pop Idol was coming to the mall by their house! This is so exciting!!!! I HeArT PuppIeZZ!!! ;0

Seriously, this is awesome. One thing I did not know before this was that when series are renewed for a third season, they usually last through the fifth season, because that will give them the required number of episodes to be sold to non-cable syndication (that usually means close to 100 episodes). After 4 years, they will have a total of 84 episodes to syndicate plus 3 more seasons of DVDs to sell, which will succeed because of the rabid nature of this particular fan base.

This almost -- almost -- makes up for NBC and Freaks and Geeks.


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